Friday, September 10, 2010

Quick list: Offers & Competitions for September

Here's a quick browse through some of the offers I have come across recently in my search for ways to make money online. Almost all are free and certainly worth investigating.
Please feel free to comment about any of the offers that you decide to try.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Top survey site review

I have been a member of Lightspeed survey panel for a number of months and have already started receiving cash payments for taking surveys.

There are a number of programs around at the moment who claim to send you surveys that pay but in actual fact, only send you links to other offers. Lightspeed is a genuine market research site that really pays you. As I said, I have already been paid, directly to my Paypal account.

The company emails me fairly regularly with links to surveys and gives cash rewards for completing them. The minimum for a payout is only $10 and the pay is very reasonable in relation to the time you spend.

In Australia, Lightspeed is now known as MySurvey.
If you are outside Australia, try the following link:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Job opportunity - work online as a sales rep

If you are serious about making a living online but don't have start up cash or a product to sell, promoting someone else's products can be quite lucrative. The following link will get you started working with a company and a program I can sincerely recommend.

This is a product that is easy to sell because of it's quality, huge marketing potential and all the promotional resources you could need, which are handed to you on a platter. It costs you nothing and signing up is as easy as falling off a log. You will get all the training and resources necessary to successfully promote the product online - or offline if you choose - and earn your commissions. If you have no sales or marketing experience, I'm confident anyone can learn fairly quickly and hey, you gotta start somewhere, it might as well be with a program that provides free training.

Being a sales rep is a legitimate role in the online community just as it is in the 'real world'.  It is a job, not a hobby or scheme and will require a bit of know-how, work, time and commitment. But as far as jobs go, there is so much flexibility here and unlimited potential to make money, please make the most of it.

Click here to visit the company,
learn more or sign up to get started.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My first survey site recommendation

I have been a member of GlobalTestMarket Surveys for a short time and so far I'm very impressed with this site. Signing up is very simple and it is recommended that you fill out your profile so that appropriate surveys can be targeted to you. You will be sent email notifications when new Paid Surveys are available.

As you accumulate Market Points, don't be discouraged if it seems like you don't have many. The points in this program are worth 5c each - in most programs like this one, points are only worth 1c. The cashout minimum is $50 and all payments to you will be made by check. Participants are also entered into daily ($300) and monthly ($5000) sweepstakes by taking surveys.

GlobalTestMarket Surveys offer membership to people from countries all over the world, including Australia I am happy to say. This a well-established and legitimate site. Joining is free so sign up now.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fun ways to earn some cash

Here is another legitimate program which rewards you in cash for participating in a variety of ways. SnapDollars offers rewards for reading email, playing sweeps and games, completing surveys and offers, referring friends and shopping with partners.

All participation is optional so you can choose to do only the activities you really enjoy or make the most of every single offer, it's up to you. Signing up is free, safe and easy. Simply click the banner displayed above or click here to submit your details.

The majority of offers at SnapDollars are free and usually involve interacting with the site or signing up with partners. To gain higher rewards, you can choose to spend some money on products and services on the site that interest you. SnapDollars also offers you $5 for the friends you refer.

I enjoy this site, they are certainly competitive in terms of the rewards offered and the variety of ways you can earn them. The 'cash out' minimum is $50 so it is most important to persevere and visit regularly so you can claim your earnings.

Signup at SnapDollars now to start making an income online!

Make money reading articles

I am very interested in Readbud at the moment.  It is a relatively new site that offers to pay members to read and rate articles. 
Members must accumulate $50 before they are paid through Paypal

It is quite simple and free to become a member.  There's really nothing to it: you register, nominate the categories you are interested in, then read, rate, repeat.  Given that I enjoy reading articles anyway, it is nice to be paid to do it! Click the banner at the end of this article to join now.

Readbud offers several articles each day for members to read and then rate from one to five stars.  So far, I have I been credited with between 4c and 10c for each article I have read.  It is best to log in at least once a day to check for new articles available. Until I reached the $30 mark, I was accumulating around $1 each day. Perhaps it is a tactic to discourage members from cashing out, but after I reached $30 I found that there were suddenly less articles available for me. But I don't see a reason to be discouraged by this, earning a few cents here and there for reading a few articles each day eventually adds up.  Overall, this is a good program with reasonable rewards.

For those looking for opportunities to work from home and make money online or simply earn extra income part-time, Readbud has an affiliate program which I will also talk more about in future posts.

I believe this site to be well worth signing up for.
readbud - get paid to read and rate articles

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sell your images, video and audio

Most of us these days have a digital camera and literally hundreds or thousands of images and video snippets stored on our computers. Why not turn all those photos into some extra cash for yourself?

Many businesses, both on and off-line, require images, video and audio for their promotional materials. Due to copyright law, they must pay for the right to use these.

There are now a number of stock photography sites online that will accept your contributions and then pay you when somebody decides to use your image. You don't have to be a professional photographer and there is no end to the types of images that are in demand.

Visit the following sites to learn more and start uploading!

  • dreamstime accepts photography, illustrations and vectors.
  • fotolia accepts photos, illustrations, vectors and videos.
  • Shutterstock accepts photos, illustrations, vectors and video footage.
  • iStockphoto accepts, photos, illustrations, flash, video and audio.
  • fotegrafik accepts images for stock photography