Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make money reading articles

I am very interested in Readbud at the moment.  It is a relatively new site that offers to pay members to read and rate articles. 
Members must accumulate $50 before they are paid through Paypal

It is quite simple and free to become a member.  There's really nothing to it: you register, nominate the categories you are interested in, then read, rate, repeat.  Given that I enjoy reading articles anyway, it is nice to be paid to do it! Click the banner at the end of this article to join now.

Readbud offers several articles each day for members to read and then rate from one to five stars.  So far, I have I been credited with between 4c and 10c for each article I have read.  It is best to log in at least once a day to check for new articles available. Until I reached the $30 mark, I was accumulating around $1 each day. Perhaps it is a tactic to discourage members from cashing out, but after I reached $30 I found that there were suddenly less articles available for me. But I don't see a reason to be discouraged by this, earning a few cents here and there for reading a few articles each day eventually adds up.  Overall, this is a good program with reasonable rewards.

For those looking for opportunities to work from home and make money online or simply earn extra income part-time, Readbud has an affiliate program which I will also talk more about in future posts.

I believe this site to be well worth signing up for.
readbud - get paid to read and rate articles


  1. I joined readbud under you. Since how long are you on it and have you received the payout yet.

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  2. I have been using ReadBud for about 2 months. I haven't reached the payout yet but I will add proof of payment here when I do.